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VOLVO Truck & Bus

Vale Park

This building was built in order to give Volvo a presence in the Vale of Evesham and the brief was very much driven by the clients precise standards and requirements.

The building is fitted with a maintenance pit and roller brake tester and uses mobile jacking equipment.

We are currently working on a scheme to extend this building by three bays and adding a wash bay at the end of the building.

"We were looking for a multi-functioning, adaptable workspace that would deliver a VOLVO presence in the Vale of Evesham.

From planning through to construction and handover Stuart is very much hands on. Working closely with all parties he drives the project to a high standard, including monitoring and managing the building contractor and finishing on budget.  

To support our recent growth we are now expanding this property, which will be our third project together.

If you are looking for a professional, Cotswold based architect who has both design foresight and practical, construction experience, then I highly recommend Absolute Architecture."

Sean Witheford, Managing Director

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